All terms and conditions must be agreed to by the client for the booking to be confirmed.


A deposit of $500 is required to confirm your booking, along with this form signed and completed. Full pre-payment of the function amount is required no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Deposits are non-refundable


As per our licence, all entertainment must be played through our in house sound system, no louder than 80dBa, with no external speakers used


All cancellations must be confirmed with the functions coordinator. Refunds will be considered for exceptional circumstances

Confirmation of Final Numbers

Final numbers are to be confirmed no later than 48 hours prior to your function. Additional charges will apply for increased numbers


No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the venue by the client of any other guest. The Beach Albert Park does not permit any BYO alcohol to be brought into functions. The consumption of alcohol outdoors of the premises is prohibited by law between the hours of 11pm and 10am. Please note that between the hours of 11pm and 10am, no drinks are allowed in the beer garden, balcony and terrace areas

Damage and Responsibility

The client is financially responsible for any costs incurred for damage to the property or any other property owned by, or in the care of the venue by the client or guest. The Beach Albert Park accepts no responsibility for goods, gifts, equipment and personal items left on the premises. The Beach Albert Park is entitled to debit the clients credit card for the cost of any repair as a result of damage to the venue. All our staff are trained in the RSA, and by law may refuse service of alcohol to any persons that seem to be intoxicated or behaving in an unacceptable manner. It is against the law for guests under the age of 18 to consume alcoholic beverages or enter the gaming area, regardless of adult consent


If the Beach Albert park has reason to believe that the function will affect the hotel, the hotels clients, business, security or reputation, The Beach reserves the right to cancel the function without liability and terminate any contracts and agreements with the client. Management has the right to evict any persons who exhibits any behavioural characteristics of intoxication, aggression, un-cooperation towards staff, or general antisocial behaviour. In the event of fire, flood damage, industrial dispute or any other unforeseen circumstances that does not enable the event to proceed, The Beach or management will not be held liable.


You are responsible for all persons under the age of 18 years attending the function.


Signs, banners, and decorations to the event must be approved by the functions coordinator. No nails, screws, adhesives or fastenings are to be used without prior approval. The use of confetti, rice or metallic sprinkles will incur a $150 cleaning fee. Tea light candles must be in contained in holders.


As part of our liquor licence, security is required for all functions. A flat rate of $300 is charged towards the cost of security – this is an additional fee on top of the minimum spend.

Here at The Beach Albert Park we believe that every event is a special occasion and we are on hand to help you as much as you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to book an appointment to view the venue.